This unique draft invites players of various backgrounds and nationalities to join forces, being randomly assigned to teams. Participants are expected to arrive in Bloemfontein by December 12th, with the draft event being live-streamed that evening.


Each team will be guided by 2 coaches, with plans to form at least 4 teams, though our ambition is to welcome 8 teams, depending on the support we receive. There will be three match days regardless of the final team count.


Coaches will select players round by round until each team is complete. Athletes will discover their teams on the draft night, followed by an opportunity to meet teammates and coaches, with two practice sessions planned before the competition starts.


The draft is open to players aged 16 to 18, of any playing level. The goal is to unite players globally, creating unforgettable experiences.


  1. You will be sent a participation agreement. Please review it with your guardian, and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions via phone or email.
  2. After signing the agreement, choose between a payment plan or full payment to secure your draft entry.
  3. Upon payment, you’ll be officially announced as a draft participant. We’ll need a photo of you in action or in your kit.
  4. Upon arrival in Bloemfontein, you’ll be directed to your accommodations and receive a pamphlet with tournament rules. You’ll also have time to explore your surroundings.
  5. The draft on December 12th will be live-streamed. Players will be called on stage by team, receive their jersey, and take a group photo after the team is fully assembled. A team meeting with your coaches and new teammates will follow.
  6. The schedule will be provided but may be subject to changes.


  1. Secure lodging at Grey College and the University of Free State, with hotel options near Grey College.
  2. Daily provision of three meals, water, and medical support.
  3. A playing kit and memorabilia package, including a polo shirt, bucket hat, singlet, drawstring bag, rugby jersey, and shorts. Players are expected to wear their school socks.
  4. Opportunities for group excursions to be announced in the coming months.
  5. Media coverage, live streaming of games by our soon to be announced media partners which will result in tremendous exposure