The NextGenXV Global Schools Challenge is open to schools, clubs, invitational teams, and individual players, who can enter through our draft system. This competition consists of two main segments: the Championship and the Challenger Cup, with participation structured around our renowned global rankings system to seed teams accordingly.

The Championship is designed for teams matched on strength, ensuring a competitive environment. To foster inclusivity, we’ve introduced the Challenger Cup for teams aspiring to compete internationally but who might not match the prowess of larger rugby programs.

Teams victorious in the Challenger Cup gain automatic entry into the next year’s Championship, should they choose to participate. For detailed information on each tournament, please explore our website’s menu.


The Championship: An 8-team straight knockout competition, aimed towards some of the the top school sides in the world.
The Challenger Cup: A similar format, tailored towards those looking for exciting and competitive rugby outside of The Championship. The winners will earn a spot in next year’s championship.
Invitational Series: The Invitational Series welcome composite sides, ‘barbarians’-style teams, and club sides looking to experience all that the NextGenXV Global Schools Challenge has to offer.
The Draft: An open invitation to players of all levels from around the world that fit the age-band. Whether seeking a chance in the shop window, to experience the NextGenXV Global Schools Challenge, or simply to play in a unique environment, all are welcome.