The Challenger Cup offers an invaluable opportunity for schools with emerging rugby teams to engage in international competition, showcasing talent and gaining experience on a global stage. Mirroring the format of the Championship, the Challenger Cup will be organized over three match days, featuring eight teams in a knockout format. This structure ensures each team has the chance to prove its mettle through direct elimination rounds, culminating in a highly competitive environment.


Winning the Challenger Cup not only signifies a remarkable achievement but also secures automatic qualification for the following year’s Championship, should the victorious team opt to participate. This pathway provides a tangible goal for teams striving to elevate their rugby program and compete amongst the best on an international level, bridging the gap between emerging talents and established powerhouses in school rugby.

Teams are advised to include 27 players and three coaching staff members. The tournament will allow rolling substitutions. Rules and regulations will be reviewed by our refereeing panel prior to the start of the tournament.